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You just never know what you are going to find, in your data or in your lab!  From time to time, we will post some of the more interesting developments, discoveries, and happenings in the Rye Lab.

Dr. Carr wins TWO university teaching awards!

IMG 1003

Dr. Carr (Chave to most of us!) has won not one, but TWO, Texas A&M University teaching awards.  

First, she won the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award for Teaching.  Then she won the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Each award is a big deal and a real testament to Dr. Carr’s dedication and talent for teaching!

Congratulations Dr. Carr! Well done!

New Paper!

In a new paper, we use the endogenous E. coli metalloprotease PepQ to test predictions of both passive and active models of GroELS-stimulated folding. 

While GroELS increases the folding rate of PepQ by over 15-fold, using both ensemble and single-molecule fluorescence techniques, we show that slow spontaneous folding of PepQ is not caused by aggregation. In addition, our fluorescence measurements suggest that, when folding inside the GroEL-GroES cavity, PepQ populates conformations not observed during spontaneous folding in free solution. Using cryo-electron microscopy, we show that the GroEL C-termini make physical contact with the PepQ folding intermediate and help retain it deep within the GroEL cavity, resulting in reduced compactness of the PepQ monomer. 

Our findings strongly support an active model of chaperonin-mediated protein folding, where partial unfolding of misfolded intermediates plays a key role.

Once again, the faculty win!

At the annual departmental softball match between the graduate students and the faculty, the faculty once again prevail!   And despite an attempt by the graduate students to stack their team with ringers.  A victory against long odds is ever so sweet!  Better luck next year…Drew!

Some highlights (courtesy of Dr. Li):




Daniel heads off to his post-doc at the University of Oregon!

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And with that, the last of the first TAMU students to join the Rye Lab is out the door!  Daniel is off to a postdoctoral position in Tristan Ursell’s lab at the University of Oregon.  Good luck Daniel!  Just take it easy on the puns...

A final goodbye, with BBQ, to Dr. Shoup!



Daniel successfully defends his dissertation!

Well done! And by tradition, Daniel dons the Rye Lab helmet of success...

Welcome new graduate students: Misha Remy and Xue Gong!


The Rye Lab welcomes two new graduate students to the lab this spring, Mish Remy and Xue Gong.  Misha joins us from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where she obtained a degree in biochemistry.  Xue joins us from Lanzhou University in Lanzhou, China where she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology and a master’s degree in molecular biology.

Jeremy heads off to the NIH!


An era comes to a close in the Rye Lab as Jeremy heads off to his postdoctoral position in Gisela Storz lab at the NIH.  Good luck Jeremy, and thanks for all the fish!

Welcome new graduate student: Drew Roth!

IMG 3972

The Rye Lab welcomes a new graduate student to the lab, Andrew (Drew) Roth.  Drew joins us from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI where he obtained a degree in biochemistry.  He is interested in molecular chaperones and protein disaggregation. 

Jeremy wins second place in university wide research competition!

IMG 3976

Every year, graduate students from all over Texas A&M gather to give presentations of their work as part of a university wide research competition during Student Research Week.  This year, Jeremy placed 2nd in the overall competition!  Well done, Jeremy!  

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